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Update on Recent Communications with Inframark Regarding Misleading Notices


Dear RCH Members,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to update you on our ongoing efforts to ensure clear and accurate communication regarding your water service.

Recently, we addressed an issue where misleading disconnection notices were reportedly sent to some of our members. These notices were confusing and did not originate from our offices. In response, RCH took action by sending a cease and desist letter to Inframark, LLC, who manages sewer and trash services for the City of McClendon-Chisolm, seeking clarification and immediate rectification of these communications.

Inframark has responded, confirming that their correspondence with residents is limited strictly to sewer and trash services and that they do not handle water services nor issue notices regarding the same. They have assured us that they have no information about water service delinquencies and are not involved in any financial transactions concerning water services with City residents.

Inframark has reiterated its commitment to continuing its services in compliance with its contractual obligations to the City and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. 

We appreciate Inframark’s prompt response and clarification. RCH Water Supply Corporation remains committed to protecting the interests of our members and ensuring that you receive accurate and timely information regarding your water services. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and advocate on behalf of all our members to prevent any future misunderstandings.

Should you have any concerns or require further clarification on this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your trust and confidence in our services are paramount, and we strive to maintain transparent and effective communication.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your continued support.


Warm regards,


David Naylor

RCH Board President