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The NTMWD is encouraging customers to actively manage and conserve landscape watering.  Customers may sign up for free weekly watering advice customized for your location and sent to your email or phone at WaterMyYard.

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Update to Water Restrictions

July 06, 2024

We have been monitoring and getting levels back to acceptable levels and still had usage past midnight last night but was a vast improvement. Also, during the past weeks all pumps having been running at same time almost nonstop to keep up with the massive usage.

So, starting Sunday at 8pm we will resume schedule of Stage 2 that was in place. This means hours of 8-12 only and no lawn irrigation after midnight.

If irrigation of lawns happens after set hours then Stage 3 will immediately go into effect and large fines will be given to those not following the rules during any stage moving forward beginning next week.

Robin Mayall
General Manager 
RCH Water Supply Corp.

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