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Board of Directors Election - Voting Reminder


Dear RCH Members,


As the Board of Directors election approaches, I want to remind you of the significance of your vote. It is not only your right but your responsibility to participate in the governance of our organization. If you have not yet reviewed the election materials, I urge you to do so as soon as possible.

Your voice is crucial in shaping the leadership that will guide RCH in the coming years. Please ensure your ballot is submitted before the April 15 deadline. Remember, you also have the option to cast your vote in person at the board meeting on April 16.


You have three methods to cast your vote:


Mail: Ensure your ballot, complete with all required information, is mailed back using the pre-addressed and stamped envelope provided. Remember, the deadline for receipt of mailed ballots is 12:00 pm on April 15, 2024.

Office Delivery: You can deliver your ballot directly to our office, with the same deadline of 12:00 pm on April 15, 2024, for it to be counted. Ballots are available at the RCH office.

In-Person at the Member Meeting: Join us and cast your vote in person at the member meeting scheduled for April 16 at 4:00 pm.


Please remember that the necessary identifying information, such as member name and account number, is required for all ballots. Any ballot submitted without the required information will not be counted.

Let's all contribute to a robust and dynamic future for RCH by participating in the election process.


Best regards,

David Naylor

Board President, RCH