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RCH's Strategic Land Acquisition and Vision for an Integrated Service Hub


Dear RCH Members,

I'm excited to share a pivotal development that marks a significant stride towards future-proofing our cooperative's services and infrastructure. RCH has recently acquired a key piece of land off of CR 550, a strategic move designed to enhance our current operations and lay a robust foundation for sustainable growth and innovation.

Our Vision for the Future Site

Integrated Service Hub:

The development of this site will see the emergence of an integrated RCH service hub encompassing a customer service center, staff offices, a board room, and a comprehensive workshop for our operations team. This consolidation aims to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and streamline our service delivery.

Strategic Storage and Operational Capacity:

The site will also function as a central storage and operational base. This is crucial for housing equipment and materials, especially for pivotal projects like the NTMWD takepoint construction and any potential future water treatment facilities. This strategic enhancement will significantly improve our logistical capabilities, ensuring our continued ability to respond to our community's needs.

Elevation Advantage for Water Services:

The chosen location offers a unique elevation benefit, crucial for augmenting our water storage capacity. This elevation is key to expanding our service reach and significantly improving water pressure and reliability across neighboring regions, directly benefiting our members.

Future-Proofing RCH:

This expansion is a cornerstone in our strategy to future-proof RCH against the evolving demands of our community and the water utility sector. By centralizing our operations and harnessing the strategic advantages of the new site, we are setting the stage for:

  • Enhanced service reliability and efficiency, ensuring RCH remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional water utility services.
  • Increased capacity for innovation and growth, allowing us to adopt new technologies and practices that will keep us ahead in our mission to provide sustainable and reliable water services.
  • Strengthened community ties and service responsiveness as we continue to evolve in alignment with the needs and aspirations of our members.

Our Commitment to You:

As we move forward with developing this new facility, we remain committed to keeping you informed and involved. This expansion is not just about building for today but investing in a resilient, efficient, and sustainable future for all RCH members.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Together, we are not just growing; we are future-proofing our community's water services for generations to come.

Warm regards,


Robin Mayall
RCH General Manager