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New Water Meters

Dear RCH Members, 

We are happy to inform you about a significant upgrade. The RCH Board has placed an order for 2,700 modern truck-read water meters to replace the current analog devices. We expect to receive these new meters sometime in December, and if the weather cooperates, we will start installing them early in the first quarter of 2024. 

RCH has purchased these meters directly from the manufacturer, avoiding any fees or commissions to a third party. This upgrade is all about making our meter reading process more efficient at RCH.

To clarify, RCH has not purchased any flow restrictors. Our focus is on installing meters that can be read remotely, bringing technological efficiencies to how we manage our water supply system.

Your support and trust are invaluable to us as we work towards improving our services for you, our respected members.


Kind regards,


David Naylor

RCH Board President