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July Member Update

Dear Valued Members,

As discussed at the July 7 Board Meeting, the RCH Board voted to move forward with Aqua Texas as its operations and maintenance partner and will also start negotiations with Aqua Texas regarding the potential acquisition of the RCH system.  The RFP was an open process available to all interested parties.  Aqua Texas was selected based on:

  • Years of proven experience and a strong industry track record.
  • Their strong proposal.
  • The presentation they made to the board that included a question and answer session.
  • An analysis and recommendation made by engineering firm Velvin-Weeks.

RCH has already begun negotiations with Aqua Texas on the appropriate agreements.  Once the agreements are executed, more details will be provided on the specifics through our website and future Town Hall meetings to keep members informed. 

As a reminder, a vote of the membership will occur before the transaction is able to be finalized.

While the RFP and billing transition has taken a significant amount of our time and focus, RCH continues to work on and prioritize its other projects:

  • Blackland Interconnect
    • Now that we have momentum and are moving forward with respected industry experts to secure water for our region, a crucial element of this process must be completed; the interconnect with Blackland.
    • This small project is a short-term AND cost-effective solution to improve our current water situation as we position the region for long term water supply. This interconnection has the further benefit of improving public safety for those members on the southern end of our system. It will require modifying our contract with the city of Rockwall. Discussions with Rockwall have been ongoing, and they have indicated a willingness to work on the contract. Our conversations with all entities involved have been focused on achieving successful outcomes.  
    • While waiting on Rockwall and Blackland for approvals, engineering plans and specifications have been submitted to TCEQ for their approval.
    • There is no reason to oppose the interconnection. The actions of a few who oppose the interconnect risk access to water in our region and the livelihood of many. An essential commodity should not be subject to the opinions and whims of local politics.
  • Highway 205 Relocation
    • Engineering work is almost complete, and all survey work has been performed. Easement acquisitions are also underway.
  • Updating system maps
    • As meters are being read, meter locations are being noted so system maps can be updated to reflect precise meter locations and addresses.
  • Hydraulic analysis
    • This analysis will be completed once the system maps are updated.
  • Financial audit and bill payments
    • This audit is still in process.
    • All bills that have been submitted to RCH have been paid.
  • 2022 Consumer Confidence Report
    • This has been posted on the website and submitted to TCEQ.
  • New P.O. Box Address
    • A new P.O. Box address has been secured for RCH.
    • The new address is P.O. Box 2318, Rockwall TX 75032.
    • When bills are issued, please use this address for payments.

David Naylor, Board President