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Welcome to Water Wise Summer!

Dear RCH Members,

As summer is now here, we must prepare for the potential ongoing water restrictions that have become a seasonal norm. Our Water Wise Summer campaign is designed to empower and educate our community about effective water conservation. Over the next two months, we will periodically share practical tips to help you manage water use responsibly, ensuring that we can meet our daily needs while complying with potential restrictions.

Join us in making a significant impact this summer!

Mulch Magic
Our first tip is all about keeping our trees and shrubs healthy. Mulch is an effective tool for conserving water, especially under the shadow of water restrictions. By applying a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch around your plants, you can dramatically reduce soil moisture loss and decrease the need for watering. This simple step can keep your soil cool and moist, even during the hotter days, allowing you to adhere to water use guidelines more easily.

Thank you for your conservation efforts.

Kind regards,

Robin Mayall
RCH General Manager