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Introducing Your Candidates for the RCH Board of Directors Election


Dear RCH Members,


As your Board President, I'm pleased to introduce the three candidates running for the two available seats on the RCH  Board of Directors. The upcoming election, set for April 16th at our Annual Meeting, is an important event, and your informed vote is crucial to the future governance of RCH.

Allow me to present the candidates, along with their personal statements and qualifications, for your consideration:


Geoffrey Kemp – Incumbent Board Member (Appointed by the Board December 2023)


  • Previous Board of Director Experience with RCH, appointed to fill a vacated position.
  • Board Member of the Jennifer A. Kemp Foundation, which has raised over $1 million for college scholarships and animal rescue programs, including the SPCA.
  • Internship experience at TxDOT and IT consultancy for the Texas Permanent School Fund.


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Personal Statement:

“I have lived in HPR since 2007 and have been active and vocal in monitoring RCH’s Management and progress over the years, including the lack of long-term planning, and the city of McLendon Chisholm’s attempted takeover. My goal as a board member is to support the team that has been put in place and ensure a long-term water solution for all members that is delivered at a fair price and well managed.”



Jamie Kinney – Incumbent Board Member (Appointed by the Board January 2024)


  • Recently appointed to the RCH Board of Directors.
  • Over 20 years of experience at AT&T, managing large telecommunications and first responder technology projects.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Business.

Personal Statement:

“As a citizen of McLendon Chisholm and RCH member, I have a vested interest in the future of RCH Water Supply and how it manages and conducts its business. I would like to see RCH continue in the right direction. As a board member, I would be able to provide that oversight in making sound decisions and investments to RCH to be a strong water provider. I would also be able to provide oversight for large infrastructure projects that will be necessary in the near future.”


Lauren Fetty


  • Lauren Fetty’s application did not detail previous Board of Director or Business/Government Experience.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English, cum laude, from Tulane University.
  • Juris Doctor from Baylor Law School.

Personal Statement:

“There is no shortage of opinions as to how to fix RCH Water Supply's issues. However, there is a shortage of information about RCH Water Supply and the path to resolving the issues. As an RCH member that has had to personally face the struggles and costs of water restrictions and ever-changing billing procedures, I resolve to use my background as an attorney to bring transparency, integrity, and accountability to the RCH Water Supply board. While water is a basic human need; transparency, accountability, and integrity are the basic requirements for organizations that control our water supply.”



As we approach the election date, I encourage each of you to consider these candidates. Early voting details will be included in the annual packets arriving in mid-March. Your participation is vital in shaping the leadership that will guide our water supply toward a sustainable and transparent future.



Best Regards,


David Naylor

RCH Board President