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RCH Water Notes - August 10, 2023

  • Water Restrictions
    • We have now moved to Stage 5 restrictions as noted in this week’s alert.  A notice will also be sent via U.S. mail. 
  • Billing Update
    • Aqua Texas is now assisting in preparing and sending monthly bills.  You should receive an invoice by September 1, 2023. RCH has obtained the April baseline meter reads and account balances, which will ensure an accurate starting point for billing.
  • Financial Audit
    • RCH anticipates that the 2022 financial audit will be ready to present to the Board at our September 5, Board Meeting.  Once the Board has received and reviewed the audit, it will be posted to our website.  Unfortunately, H2O Services has been uncooperative in providing necessary documentation and support for the 2022 financials so we anticipate that the audit notes may reflect this lack of cooperation.
  • Water Quality Compliance
    • RCH continues to provide all documentation and remain compliant with TCEQ regulations.  While Blackland WSC and Cash SUD assisted the last few months, Aqua Texas is now operating the system and ensuring all water quality requirements are met. Visit https://www.aquawater.com/about-water/water-quality/ to learn more about Aqua’s strict water quality standards.
  • Aqua Texas
    • Negotiations are underway with Aqua Texas to acquire the RCH system.  Once an agreement has been signed, RCH will conduct Town Hall meetings to further educate and inform our members on the details of the transaction.  Until such time, however, RCH cannot comment further on this transaction.  As shared previously, the agreement is subject to a membership vote and PUCT approval.