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RFP Thoughts

As a Board, it is our duty and responsibility to act in the best interest of our members.  The past few months have created some bumps in the road but, despite this, we have maintained safe, reliable water for the members and financial stability for RCH.

While the interest of McLendon-Chisholm in the RCH system is well known, another party reached out independently to RCH also expressing interest in acquiring the system.  Given this development, the Board decided the membership would be best served by issuing a public solicitation for the system.  This allows all interested parties to participate in the process on an equal and fair basis and for the Board to have full information.

The RFP is posted on our website, and it provides an overview of the submittal requirements.  These include experience, ability to operate the system, willingness to make capital expenditures, and system value among other items.

To ensure transparency, the Board engaged Velvin-Weeks to perform an independent analysis.  This will be presented July 5.  Bidders in the RFP will be invited to present their proposals and qualifications on July 5, and the Board will also invite members to comment afterwards before making a selection.

The Board Meeting Agenda will be posted in the next couple of days, but the Board Meeting will be at 4:00 on July 5 in the Chapel on Tate Farms.